Small Businesses are the Top Target of Security Threats

Most small businesses think that they could never be the target of a cyber-attack because they’re too small to be targeted. However, data from reliable sources has proven that small businesses are actually the top target of security threats right now and that it would do well for small business owners to invest in data security protocol.

Cyber criminals know that there is nothing small about small businesses. It is estimated that a breach cost $5.4 million on average. In other words, there is money to be made in small business, and the good thing about it is that the cost of hacking a company with less than 50 employees is only a fraction of the cost it would take to hack big companies that have dedicated IT security teams.

How much money do you have in your bank account? Do you have a database that stores your customers’ credit card information? How about your employees, are their files kept online? You would be surprised to know that even if you only have a small amount of data on your website, the data is very valuable, and the names and information of your employees are commodities that can be traded on the Internet black market, making them a target for identity theft. But it gets worse for you.

You could lose all of your money in a cyber-attack in a matter of minutes through a series of apparently legitimate bank transfers. In 2012, a 100-employee strong mannequin maker lost $1.2 million in a matter of hours because cybercriminals were able to breach its online banking credentials. The in-house anti-virus software never detected the breach. If that doesn’t scare you, we don’t know what will.

But while there is no doubt that you need to secure your business online, you might be wondering how you should go about doing so. Well, the first thing you need to do is to assume that you are the target of a cyber-attack. By assuming the worst, you will have it within you to take action to protect your business.

The next thing you need to do is to identify your most valuable assets. This is actually trickier than it sounds. Try to spot the weakest link in your system and protect it. For example, you could have a list of contacts that lies unprotected right now.

Once you’ve identified the assets that need to be protected, deploy a security platform. You need to have multi-layered security protection because hackers use the latest in technology that allows them to exploit weaknesses in a security program.

What you want to do is deploy a system that is able to detect threats that are undetectable by regular security products. To this end, you need to deploy look for a cyber security company that specializes in that kind of product. It will definitely cost you a lot of money running thousands of dollars, but it is only a fraction of the cost of losing your money and your reputation in a cyber-attack. Contact IntergrIT Network Solutions today for more information about your security.

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