Server Virtualization

What Is Server Virtualization and Why It May Be the Right Move for Your Business.

server-virtualizationServer virtualization is a game changer that, if your company hasn’t embraced, should do so soon. If you’re not uber-computer savvy, here’s a rundown.

Servers are the mega-powerful computers that sit in your server room and store the files and applications that your whole company uses like your company email program, accounting or HR software, sales software and enterprise-level programs.

Many companies will have a server dedicated to specific functions to prevent program conflicts and make it easier to troubleshoot problems. The problem is, this wastes processing power and space.

Server virtualization addresses this by carving up one server into several smaller servers using software. Simply, one server can be virtually divided into several smaller distinct ones that operate independent of each other. There a number of advantages to server virtualization including:

#1 Reduce your server footprint

Because you can use fewer servers, you will need less physical space, need less equipment, will use less energy and have lower maintenance and upkeep requirements. This saves money and the environment.

#2 Gives more hardware flexibility

Because you are using software to create virtual hardware within the server, you don’t have to commit to a particular brand or model of server and you don’t have to have all of your servers identical. This allows you to shop smarter to save money or opt for better products for your business.

#3 Increased up time

Server virtualization platforms offer advanced features that physical servers just don’t offer that can increase continuity and up time. Unplanned outages are more easily managed and migrations are accomplished fast and seamlessly when there’s a hiccup. This keeps your business running smoothly.

#4 Enhanced disaster recovery

The worst case scenario is that a fire or other catastrophe takes out your server. If this happens, your backups are critical. Virtualized servers are easier to replicate offsite to ensure recovery. The virtual server software can allow you to test your failover so you know for sure that your backup will work.

#5 Allow your applications to run better

Older legacy applications can be mission-critical and costly to replace but won’t run on newer servers. Virtualized servers can emulate the run-time environment they need to keep them working ably for you. It also isolates applications to reduce server waste and optimize CPU and storage resources.

#6 Facilitates your move to the cloud

A virtualized server can be a great complement to a cloud storage strategy or a stepping stone to a cloud storage implementation. Once you’re data and applications are on a virtualized server, you’ve freed them from hardware constraints making them easier to migrate to the cloud once you’re ready.

Why IntegrIT Is Your Go-To Choice for Server Virtualization

IntegrIT is a server virtualization specialist. We have in-depth expertise with many scalable virtualization options that are affordable for even small businesses including including VMWare, Citrix Xen, Red Hat and Windows Hyper-V. We understand that small to mid-sized businesses need the assurance that your systems will be up and running without paying exorbitant costs you can’t afford.

For more than a decade, we’ve been providing flexible, customized network solutions to businesses. The IntegrIT team gets to know your business personally so we understand your goals and can ensure the solutions we provide support that expertly fits your needs and budget.

Our solutions, including server virtualization services, are designed to prevent network problems, protect your business and ensure continuity and up-time.

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