Protecting the Data Generated by a Business Is Essential for Its Smooth Functioning

Modern day businesses use information technology to allow them to function more efficiently and in larger geographical areas. It requires them regularly to maintain large amounts of data on many financial, commercial, administrative and other matters. This information is vital to the organization and needs to be protected from unauthorized persons and must be safeguarded against loss of data.

Access to the information has to be on a need-to-know basis, and this right to accessibility has to be highly discriminatory so that confidentiality is maintained to the degree required. Data can be protected if access to data is only allowed through passwords or other set up systems that scrutinize the credentials of the person requesting accessibility. The integrity of data is also assured if only particular individuals in organizations are allowed to create or modify data, while others are accessing data be allowed in on a read-only basis. This limiting of accessibility also helps to maintain the confidentiality of data.

Staff in an organization must be made aware of the need for maintaining security at all times and this must be part of any induction training while it can also help to refresh this knowledge of other employees always. IT professionals must address the possibility of the vulnerability of all information technology devices being used by employees for the work, and this may often extend to smartphones.

It is also necessary for the protection of business data to ensure the proper installation of firewalls, anti-virus software and malware software and to arrange for encryption of data that is needed to be stored in the servers. As part of protecting business data, it is also necessary to ensure that copies of all data are maintained in secure locations that can be accessed only by the administrators. It makes sense to do this in remote areas so that the data is protected even when disasters hit the original installation.

Storing data on a cloud allows for its accessibility from all locations, and may often be a requirement for organizations that are spread over large geographical areas. Security has to be a key factor when deciding on the service provider for such facilities. Systems also need to be in place to continuously monitor the usage of IT services and the data on them as part of maintaining the required degree of security of data in any organization.

While setting up security systems for data in any business, it is also necessary to develop and have in place capabilities for the restoration of data, in case it is corrupted or lost. It also needs the creation of a proper management system and supervision of IT usage to maintain the required discipline, for confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of data. Backups have to be constant and in real time so that every data created is backed up instantly. There needs to be a regular check on the integrity of data.

The security of data in any business will enable it to function seamlessly and with the full assurance that all information obtained from the data is valid and helpful for taking decisions and running the business.

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