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seattle-it-consultingIntegrIT Network Solutions can help you find the best technology to improve your business. Whether you need strategic advice on new hardware or software, or you have a specialized task that needs technological expertise, we provide IT services that will help you make the right decisions for your business.

Even if you already have an IT specialist, we can complement and extend your staff. Our IT consulting services cover anything from developing IT policies and procedures, to creating network wiring maps and checklists for office relocation. IntegrIT’s certified IT professionals have the skill and expertise to:

We offer a number of expert IT Consulting Services.

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Network Design & Optimization

  • Ideal network build and design based on an organization’s specific needs and unique office environment.
  • Maximize technology to manage and support key processes efficiently
  • Expertise to ensure cost-effective solutions and optimal security and compliance (PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc.)

IntegrIT’s certified network experts listen closely to customers’ issues and goals to develop customized solutions, so you can choose the best path for your business. IntegrIT delivers industry-leading solutions-based on open standard architecture-that meet your organization’s unique requirements and business goals with customized and streamlined Network Design and Optimization to Simplify Your Technology.

We provide all aspects of your network installation or deployment, from design and configuration to hardware recommendations. Whether it is a new network installation or new deployment in an existing network, we work with you to develop the most appropriate network architecture to meet your current and future needs so your IT is worry-free and can focus on running your of business and generating revenue.

Included in this service is network assessments, audits, performance baselines, and full technical documentation for your current network infrastructure or new network setup. This can also be done as standalone service or to assist in redesign, new implementations, maintenance, or future troubleshooting and administration.

Our experienced and certified engineers perform security assessments and vulnerability testing coupled with recommendations and remediation. We analyze all aspects of your network environment to safeguard your resources and network functionality.

IntegrIT network consultants help you with the design and deployment of Internet and wide-area network (WAN) connectivity including secure remote access implementation and dedicated office connections across large geographical areas.

Make certain you invest in the proper business network configuration for your organization and that it’s set up right the first time with certified expert consulting and professional services provided by IntegrIT Network Solutions – Call (425) 787-0193.

Server Setup and Relocation
Are you looking to move out from your location? Do you need any help moving your IT info structure and want to make sure to complete this transition as smooth as possible? If you are planning to move from your recent location and wants to move your server relocate and reassembled with no downtime, here is your answer.

  • IntegrIT Network Solutions engineers will provide all the planning and resources required to recommend or relocate your Business Server.
  • IntegrIT experts will review your migration approach, detailed plans, and logistics to ensure accuracy of this transition and will remain on-site to ensure that everything transitions properly.
  • We take responsibility of the transition and supervise the entire process and will do the complete server relocation, re-assembly, re-configuration with our comprehensive planning and migration strategy to ensure the complete transition before your sign off the documents.

Ensure your business network move is handled right with minimal interruption to your business operations with the expertise of IntegrIT Network Solutions – Call (425) 787-0193.

Computer Consulting Services

  • IntegrIT Network Solutions’ Microsoft Certified experts can show you how to meet today’s business challenges, including an increasingly mobile workforce, the need for advanced security when accessing data from outside the office, and the threat of malicious software to vital business information with applications that fit your needs.
  • Are you wondering if Cloud Computing is right for your business? We’ve got the answers and are here to help!
  • Focus on running your business instead of troubleshooting your network with IntegrIT’s expert IT Services designed to fit your business and your needs.
  • IntegrIT’s Computer Services will give you much needed peace of mind as we keep your computer network operating at peak efficiency while keeping your information secure and safely backed up.

If you have a requirement for qualified IT engineers, call us today at (425) 787-0193 or visit our Business Applications page for more information.

IT Staff Augmentation
Whether you need to free your internal IT staff up to focus on important projects, or simply need holiday coverage for when staff are away, we can customize our services to provide the support you need when you need it.

  • Outsourced 24/7 Helpdesk Services
  • 2nd and 3rd Line IT Support
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Experts on demand
  • Vacation Coverage

Contact us at (425) 787-0193 to see how we can help your Internal IT resources or visit our IT Services or Professional Services pages for more information.

Network and Data Security
Network_Security1Data_ProtectionIntegrIT Network Solutions provides a wide range of IT consulting services for network and data security, which includes every aspect of IT and computer security in terms of managing and coordinating any anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam protection, provide protection for remote users working from outside of local area network, and full network security management.ntegrIT’s certified engineers will help your business implement a security package to ensure you are fully protected against any possible security threat by developing an IT security strategy with round-the-clock remote monitoring as well as emergency same day on-site service.

  • Removal of any virus, spyware, and malware from your system (Recovery process)
  • Setup and deploy a security package to ensure your computer data safety
  • Setup and configure firewall
  • Provide on-demand Remote IT support as well as on-site service
  • Data Back-up Solutions for keeping your crucial information secure and quickly recovered so you can stay in business
  • Business Continuity Planning so you are prepared for any type of disaster, whether natural or technical

Add an extra level of security to your business network by utilizing the expertise of IntegrIT Network Solutions – Call (425) 787-0193

Business Continuity Planning
Disaster Recovery Planning can provide your business with a number of benefits, and can be essential for compliance in certain industry and countries. At your IT department we are experienced in developing effective IT Disaster Recovery plans that not only ready your business in case of a disaster but can provide a number of other benefits:BCP-DR

  • Improved Business Processes
  • Improved Technology
  • Fewer Disruptions
  • Higher quality services
  • Competitive advantages

The advances in data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning services offered by IntegrIT Network Solutions have made it affordable for even small businesses to implement these crucial tools. To see how ready your business is for a disaster, request a free consultation – Call us today at (425) 787-0193.

IT Cloud Solutions and Consulting

  • Partnered with industry leaders in Cloud technologies
  • Expertise to build and supports the Cloud-based environment for an organization’s specific needs
  • Trusted advisors helping organizations make the right choices for their business before taking flight

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Productivity Solutions & Training Services

  • Our experienced and certified engineers can offer the best insights into technology and how it can improve your business, giving your business the upper hand through technology. In most cases increasing productivity while reducing your overheads.
  • As part of the installation, we make sure your operators get the most out of your investment. We also have a great online technology learning center with an abundance of great tips to help you stay on top of technology.
  • If you are looking for a reliable e-mail management solution for your business with all the latest bells and whistles for a reasonable price, and you want it now, then Hosted Exchange from IntegrIT Network Solutions is right for you.

Contact us at (425) 787-0193 to see how we can help you increase productivity with expert services and simplified solutions or visit our IT Services page

IntegrIT Network Solutions stands behind our IT Consulting Services with our 100% money back guarantee. You never have to worry with IntegrIT.

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