Virtual CIO / CTO

Businesses who expect to succeed in a technology-driven environment need a technology consultant who can plan, manage, strategize, and guide the organization through crucial decision-making for technological innovation. The problem, however, is the cost of obtaining and retaining such an individual. A virtual CIO/CTO is the answer, a service that IntegrIT provides for businesses.

What Are Virtual CIO/CTO Services?

Virtual-CIO-CTOCIO and CTO stand for Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer, respectively. These two positions, commonly appointed in large businesses and corporations, are essential for ensuring the safety of information, maintaining the technology of the organization, and performing a host of management and administrative tasks. IT is a core feature in nearly all industries, meaning that companies, regardless of their nature, cannot thrive apart from the knowledge and skills provided by CIOs or CTOs.

The problem, of course, is that few companies can afford a CIO or CTO, especially not in a full-time role. Because such professionals offer valuable experience and information, they usually come with a hefty price tag. CIO Magazine reported that the annual compensation of a CIO was around $248,000. CTOs also regularly earn in excess of $100,000 annually.

The price is justified as long as the company is big enough. Such professionals can save the company millions of dollars, or make strategic decisions that earn the company huge amounts of revenue. The key point of course, is “as long as the company is big enough.”

Established businesses with a large employee base and executive staff can make such a strategic hire. The vast majority of American businesses, however, have less than 200 employees. Many of these companies are unable to afford in-house CIOs and CTOs.

That’s where the value of an IT consulting company comes in. Such virtual services help to develop strategies to improve profits, manage the technology infrastructure, and improve internal IT operations. As an outsourced solution, virtual CIO/CTOs are powerful, cost effective, and highly strategic.

Benefits of Virtual CIO/CTO Services

Hiring a consulting firm to provide CIO/CTO services makes good business sense. Here are a few of the advantages of such vital services:

    • Your business saves money not needing to hire an in-house staff member to maintain or manage IT.
    • You get the greatest amount of skill, since your CIO/CTO services are provided by a team of individuals with aggregate experience and abilities that are greater than any single individual.
    • You can focus on what you do best, rather than endure the distraction of technology.
    • You ensure the safety and reliability of your information and technology.
    • You gain expert consulting along the way, not just when an emergency requires a big fix. Your virtual CIO/CTO can provide answers to your questions, provide advice, and offer general support for all your technology needs.

Growing Needs – Growing Power

Virtual-CIO-CTO-ServicesTechnology is constantly changing, and it’s unlikely that a small business owner or manager can handle the ever-changing technology demands of the organization. The solution is obvious — hire someone who can.

IntegrIT is an experienced virtual CIO and CTO service provider. Small to medium sized businesses have the same type of technology needs as the bigger companies, if not on the same scale. These needs call for the expertise and experience of a group of capable technology professionals. IntegrIT Network Solutions is a provider of these services, helping you take your business to the next level.

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