Network Support Plans

Network Support with Your Business Needs In Mind

Managed-IT-ServicesLike every other business in America, you are completely dependent upon your IT systems. Imagine losing your qualified customer list that you’ve spent months developing. Or you’re pushing a deadline to get a vital RFP out the door and your network freezes up. Maybe a staffer opens an innocent-looking e-mail that lets loose a nasty virus and takes over your computers and networking systems.

If you’re looking to ensure your computing and networking systems are operating efficiently, your strategic and confidential data is being backed up and securely protected, be able to budget and plan for new hardware, software updates and growth, then certainly one of our Rest Assured™ Service Plans has you covered.

Overview of Network Support Plans

ZEN PLAN (responsive)
ZenThis basic plan is designed for clients who need server monitoring and minimum support and only want to call on IntegrIT when a problem occurs. Projects, upgrades, network support will be done on an on-call basis and will be billed at discounted rates as the need arises.

Dream PLAN (proactive)
DreamThis plan is designed for clients who want a proactive approach to IT maintenance that brings peace of mind. This method of preventative maintenance will ensure issues are resolved before they become disasters and keep the network running as securely and efficiently as possible.

Deep sleep PLAN (managed)
Deep-SleepThis is the perfect choice for businesses that put great demands on their computers and do not want to worry about fluctuating costs every month. This will ensure you stay “Top Priority” and ensure “almost-never-a-bill” coverage. This plan provides you with the same level of service as having an IT staff.

The benefits of our Rest Assured™ IT Support Service Plans are numerous and unsurpassed!

IntegrIT’s Managed IT Service Plans will defend your computer network in a platform that meets your exact needs and budget, including:

    • 24/7 professional support and network monitoring
    • IT management and system oversight monitoring to circumvent potential problems
    • Hardware and software component managed IT solutions

Our educated, certified IT experts have the knowledge and experience to:

  • Protect and secure your computer network and business information around the clock

You can view a complete overview of our IT Service Plans and get an at-a-glance look at our plan type comparison chart.

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