Data Backup Disaster Recovery Plan

Imagine losing financial, sales, delivery, audit, and other critical data that keeps your business functioning. You simply can’t afford it.

We ensure your data is safe and accessible to you and your company via our data backup disaster recovery plan.

Data Backup Disaster Recovery Plan

data-back-up-recoveryAt IntegrIT Network Solutions, we will work with you in defining a data backup disaster recovery plan to protect your data. Then we will help you to implement the recommended backup and recovery mechanisms, so that any data lost during power outages, system crashes or other disasters is always covered with a backup. For maximum protection, this is an on-going process that evolves and changes as your organization grows.

No matter the disaster’s scope, we can recover your organization’s data quickly and easily. You can count on our data protection solution when it comes to file restoration or even handling a complete server failure.

  • True server redundancy-if a server goes down, Disaster Recovery has it back up within hours
  • Backups every 15 minutes—You won’t lose this morning’s work because yesterday’s tape is the most recent backup
  • Off-site redundancy available—HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley compliant
  • 100% automated-no tapes to change, no failed backups
  • 24/7 monitoring of all features and all needed restorations included in our managed plans

Key Benefits of Data Backup Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Documentation of all processes
  • Defines the critical data to be backed up
  • Defines the back up process
  • Schedules the cycles of backup: daily, weekly, monthly and annually
  • Determines which data to be stored on-site and off-site
  • Testing recovery processes

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