How to backup Facebook Photos

Data Back-up & Recovery
Backup your Facebook photos to your computer or create a PDF file containing your pictures using the Pick&Zip service. This is a fantastic free service to quickly backup your images or any of your friends pictures to your hard disk drive or into your own personalized PDF file. To use this service follow the below steps.


  • Visit the Pick&Zip site
  • Allow the service to access your Facebook account.
  • Once logged in, you should see all your friends listed on the left. If you’re only looking for photos of you or photos you’ve been tagged in click the find my pictures button at the bottom of the friends list.
  • Once you see pictures to add or download, move your mouse over the picture. Click the + symbol to add the picture to the group of images to download or if you just wish to download that single image click the down arrow. If you want to get all photos, click the select all button. Note: if you have multiple pages of photos you’ll have to go through each page and select all if you want every photo.


  1. Finally, if you’ve selected images to download and are done selecting click the Review & Download link and then the Download button to start the download.
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