QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

IntegrIT Specializes in QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

More and more businesses are making a smart decision — to move QuickBooks to the cloud (more on cloud consulting here).


  • Using QuickBooks on a local server means that it can only be accessed from one physical location. Cloud solutions provide secure access wherever it is needed.
  • Cloud computing enables more authorized users to access the necessary data.
  • With a cloud solution, the data is entirely secure, being expertly maintained in a remote location on a 24/7 schedule.

IntegrIT is on the cutting edge of cloud technology, and we specialize in helping businesses take their QuickBooks servers to the cloud.

Advantage of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based solutions often have an aura of mystery about them. What is the cloud, and why is it so important? There are several distinct advantages to having your financial operations secured in a cloud-based system.

© Copyright Nasir Nasrallah and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License

© Copyright Nasir Nasrallah and licensed for reuse
under this Creative Commons License

  • It is secure. A cloud-based QuickBooks server is virtually immune to the risks of natural disaster due to the security of data vaults, redundant storage, and expert management.
  • It reduces costs. IT costs are among the greatest expenditures of a company. When a company removes the need for hardware, software, and the personnel to manage it, these costs are dramatically lowered. Cloud-based hosting is not free, but it does lower ongoing cost and overhead.
  • It provides global reliability. What would happen to your accounting operations if your office were somehow destroyed or inaccessible? It’s not a pleasant thought. With a cloud-based solution, however, it’s a moot point. Cloud solutions are always available whenever you need them, wherever you are.

It is precisely because of these reasons that IntegrIT is recommending cloud-based QuickBooks for all of our clients. It simply makes better business sense.

How easy is it to transfer QuickBooks to the Cloud?

This is a fair question. After all, your accounting data is really important. Thankfully, the process for transferring it to the cloud is simple and straightforward. There is virtually no downtime and zero risk of data loss.

How secure is cloud-based QuickBooks?

Security is a big issue, especially when it involves the financial metrics of your firm. SSL session encryption for every connection plus built-in 128-bit encryption means that your data is even safer than it is on a locally hosted operation. Your data is safe.

IntegrIT can provide a complete solution for QuickBooks hosting.

As a leader in cloud solutions, IntegrIT is ready to handle your QuickBooks needs. It’s time for your business to enter a new level of power, versatility, security, and progress. IntegrIT stands ready to help.

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