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Offsite Backups and The Tragedy of Data Loss

© Copyright Sean MacEntee and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License

© Copyright Sean MacEntee and licensed for reuse
under this Creative Commons License

David, the owner of an executive recruiting firm, was confident in his business’s success. After four years of struggle, they were finally in an upswing. His team doubled. Revenue had quadrupled. Success had arrived.

In a split-second, everything changed. One spring evening, a powerful lightning storm swept through the area. David’s building was hit by lightning, completely ruining the office’s servers. There were no backups. The data was gone — every contact, every phone number, everything they had worked four years to collect. All of it.

During the ensuing legal battle with the property owner and squabbles with the insurance company, David knew that his business would probably not recover. Eight months after the data loss, the business failed.

Unfortunately, David’s story is not unusual. According to research, 90% of businesses that experience data loss are forced to close down within two years. A report issued by the British Chamber of Commerce, revealed that half of businesses that lose data for as few as ten days will immediately for bankruptcy, and 93% will file within one year.

Data loss can kill your business.

Fighting Fear: Why You Need Offsite Backup Services

Those are scary statistics, but they’re just statistics, right? Will something really happen to your company’s data?

The honest answer is that you just don’t know. That’s why you need to back up your data offsite. Many businesses spend thousands annually on insurance, but at the same time they may not have a solid data backup plan. An estimated 60% of critical corporate data is unprotected from loss. Losing that data can be more costly than losing your physical property, losing your employees, or losing your licenses. It’s just that important.

As a leader in cloud consulting, IntegrIT understands that hosted storage and backing up data is the answer. Businesses do not need to risk this kind of loss. The answer is in off-site protection of data.

What Can Offsite Backup Services Do for You

© Copyright Jim Linwood and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License

© Copyright Jim Linwood and licensed for reuse
under this Creative Commons License

Backing up your data can save your business. Not just any backup will do, of course. Your information should be stored remotely in a cloud system. By securing your data in the cloud, your businesses can experience the convenience of…

  • A completely outsourced solution
  • High level of technical support
  • Scheduled, managed, and monitored backups
  • Custom backup solutions
  • Data replication for higher security
  • Disaster recovery and on-demand data retrieval

Your computers can be replaced. Your office can be moved. You can purchase new servers. But your data is irreplaceable. Without a backup system, if it’s gone, it’s gone.

Don’t Delay in Getting Offsite Backup Services

The issue is urgent. In the United States, during every hour of the workday, 2,500 hard drives fail. Data loss is deadly, but the solution is simple — back up your data.

It’s not hard to get started on a safe and reliable backup system. In fact, all you need to do to get started is pick up the phone and dial our number.

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