SharePoint Hosting

With hosted SharePoint, your staff can benefit from the great collaboration tools SharePoint has to offer – without the costly hardware and maintenance headaches.

Why You Need SharePoint Hosting

sharepoint_logo1SharePoint is designed to increase productivity. Small and mid-size businesses use it to create document storehouses that increase collaboration inside their company – as well as between their company and its partners, vendors and customers. SharePoint combines a centralized document repository with collaboration, project tracking, and content management tools. Using Hosted SharePoint, you can easily and efficiently manage projects and enhance the flow of communication in your business.

Your employees – or the third-parties to which you give access – can securely share documents, calendars, contacts, links, ideas and more, without wasting time exchanging inefficient emails.
When integrated with Hosted Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint can also provide an instant, powerful corporate intranet. Use it for:

Document Management

Securely organize and share files with team members in one central location.

Team Organization

Easily customize with workflows that fit your projects. Automatic alerts in hosted SharePoint keep teammates up to date.

Microsoft Office® Integration

Smoothly integrates with apps you love. Hosted SharePoint works with Outlook®, Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®.

No Hardware
no-hardwareNo software to download. No server to maintain. No licenses to manage. Professionally managed SharePoint is painless and affordable.

Document Control
document-controlA central place to store files, combined with document versioning controls helps eliminate confusion. Prevent unauthorized access with permissions features.

Team Communication
team-communicationGet unmatched collaboration with SharePoint. Team members can use forums, blogs, wikis, and more to share thoughts and information with each other.

integrationUse the programs you know. Hosted SharePoint integrates into key Office programs, like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

SharePointHostedServices.gifAn introduction to hosted SharePoint. There are dozens of ways to use SharePoint to help you streamline your business or even your personal life. The IntegrIT SharePoint Hosting plans and services integrate many features for ease of use and management. Work from home, from your office, your hotel room or even from your laptop while relaxing on the beach or pool. And you can do all this without any IT or technical skills at all. There are no installation issues either as it’s all run on our top of the line, fully redundant, high availability servers.

You simply need a web browser and an Internet connection to access all your business or personal information from virtually anywhere. Use SharePoint for file sharing, photo sharing, blogs, meetings, discussions, email reminders, shared calendaring, project management, task lists, wish lists and more.

Compare notes and comments, share schedules and work together on virtually any type of file. SharePoint allows users to collaborate on documents, contacts, tasks and events. Improve your project management with shared calendars, workflows, charts and issue tracking. SharePoint makes it easy to launch and maintain websites, intranets, extranets, bulletin boards, picture libraries and event schedulers. You can access critical documents from any web browser, and you can work with them natively in Microsoft Office, all without leaving your chair.

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