Hosted Exchange

Increase your team’s productivity with the same tools they’re already familiar with!


With the complexity, costs, and problems associated with installing a mail server, many businesses are now opting for “Hosted Exchange” in the cloud rather than bringing the server in-house. What are “cloud”-based or “hosted” services?

Think of these like a gym membership. Instead of purchasing your own home gym equipment, which can be expensive, require maintenance, and take up a lot of space, you can pay a small monthly fee to go to the gym and use a multi-million-dollar facility that is kept and maintained by someone else.

Hosted Exchange works the same way. Instead of incurring the costs and hassle of building and maintaining your own mail server, you can pay a low monthly fee and get top-of-the-line services, storage, and security for your e-mail. Plus, you get the following benefits:


  • Ability to access your e-mail remotely from any device
  • More uptime and fewer issues
  • E-mail archiving (storing of old e-mails)
  • Spam filtering and anti-virus included
  • Data Security
  • Centralized storage
  • Easy synchronization with mobile devices

If you are looking for a reliable e-mail management solution for your business with all the latest bells and whistles for a reasonable price, and you want it now, then Hosted Exchange from IntegrIT Network Solutions is right for you.

Let us show you the benefits of hosted exchange email and how our hosted solutions can bring all your systems and tasks together in new and intuitive ways that can help save time, reduce costs, and be more productive.

Key Benefits of Hosted Exchange

Enterprise level product without enterprise costs

icon_collaborateFull business collaboration and communication solutions are no longer the preserve of the multi-nationals. Powerful, feature packed, efficient and easy to use, Hosted Exchange means you have full access to your office even when you are away from your desk.Collaboration and synchronization


icon_outlookCoordinate and streamline your workflow with advanced features such as group meetings, message threads, real time Outlook Web Access (OWA) synchronization, and automatic grouping of a domain’s global address book between mailboxes. Full Smart Phone Enterprise is also available for customers who require integration with their iPhone or Blackberry mobile phones. Free Outlook 2016


icon_datacentreNormally priced at $140.00, get a copy of Outlook completely free with every mail box. Advanced features include Email conversation management, combine multiple Email accounts, synchronization with your mobile phone, common task automation and the ability to engage with your social networks through Outlook.Security and compliance


icon_mail_importHosted data center is manned 24/7/365, your data is backed up every night and is totally secure. To help prevent unauthorized and accidental distribution of data, Microsoft Exchange Server includes a wide range of information protection and control features. These features enable administrators to fine tune policies so that the right level of control is automatically applied to each message based on specific senders, recipients, content and other factors. Upgrade and transfer existing Hosted Exchange


icon_storageIf you already use older of Microsoft Exchange any Emails hosted elsewhere can be transferred in quickly and easily with no impact on your data or day to day work.

Centralized storageicon_datasecurityAll Emails, appointments and contacts stored and accessed from the same source for mobile working and real time multi-site collaboration.Data security


icon_growthNever lose a message, phone number, Email address, meeting or contact with changes instantly update to your device and data backups stored off site. It grows with you


As your company grows so can your communications infrastructure. Add new mailboxes as and when you need them with full integration between each new mail box.

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