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© Copyright ronploof and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License

© Copyright ronploof and licensed for reuse
under this Creative Commons License

What does your business need to really take off? The answer is simple: You need customers. More to the point, you need great relationships with those customers.

So, how do you achieve that?

The answer lies in your customer relationship management system. A solid management system allows you to deliver on your promises, maintain connections, track bids, follow proposals, jump on new opportunities, and store critical information. You need a good CRM.

IntegrIT can help your business thrive by setting up your CRM in the cloud.

One Step to Success: Use a Hosted CRM System

ROI - return of invertelment concept in word tagThe success of your business depends on your CRM. A hosted relationship management system frees you to focus on your key strengths. Though it may seem like a small change, outsourcing your CRM translates into major improvements. Here’s why.

Nucleus Research, a provider of IT research and ROI analysis, launched a study to determine the ROI of businesses that switched to a hosted system. What they learned was that 80% of the businesses that switched from an in-house system to an outsourced system achieved a higher ROI.

In other words, one small change can give your business a greater ROI.

Challenges of the In-House CRM

Using an in-house relationship management system may seem like an obvious choice for a small or medium-sized business. In reality, however, there are significant challenges. Here are some of them.

 © Copyright scragz and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License

© Copyright scragz and licensed for reuse
under this Creative Commons License

    • High licensing fees. The simple cost of software is a non-start. Non-hosted CRMs demand incredibly high fees for setup, implementation, training, support, consulting, and management. A mere cost-comparison of in-house versus hosted is enough to make a small business choose a hosted service.


    • Inefficient management. When you own your CRM, you manage your CRM. This task alone is a demanding drain on resources. Most small to medium-sized businesses cannot retain personnel who are devoted to managing a CRM. The benefit of a hosted system is that trained professionals can manage the system with unfailing expertise, freeing you to do what you do best.


    • Hard to use. There is wide variation among CRMs, so it’s hard to make a blanket statement about ease of use. Overall, however, hosted systems are easier to learn and use than in-house systems are. You would rather not spend hours training your employees on a CRM. Instead, you want to focus on the core business by using an easy-to-use CRM.


Welcome to Hosted CRM

By using a hosted customer relationship management system, you are engaging the power of cloud computing. Today’s technology is driven by cloud solutions and hosted management systems. IntegrIT is an industry leader in cloud consulting, and we have experience in implementing cloud solutions for a wide variety of businesses.

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