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Cloud computing solutions provide you with the scale and flexibility you need to transform the way you deliver services to your business. Since 2003, IntegrIT Network Solutions has specialized in providing the flexible information technology needed by today’s businesses and fully manage the IT needs of any company. Our cloud consulting services will enable you to establish a solid IT infrastructure to reduce costs and speed up performance.

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Cloud Consulting Objectives

Cloud-Consulting-IntegrIT-Network-SolutionsThe three main objectives of IntegrIT Network Solutions’ certified cloud consulting services are:

  • To keep your IT computer network operating at a peak performance level
  • To maximize your business operations to save you money
  • To keep your mind at ease with the knowledge that your network is protected and secure at all times

Our IT professionals will evaluate your business and propose a shift to cloud infrastructure and service, when appropriate. Cloud-based solutions can be deployed rapidly and result in substantial cost savings.

Cloud Consulting Services

Learn more about our IT solutions and how these can help improve your business operations

  • Infrastructure Hosting – Using Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) helps a company avoid the expensive capital investment in hardware, storage space, and specialized staff to manage it all.
  • Hosted Exchange – Instead of incurring the costs and hassle of building and maintaining your own mail server, you can pay a low monthly fee and get top-of-the-line services, storage, and security for your business e-mail.
  • Hosted SharePoint – SharePoint combines a centralized document repository with collaboration, project tracking, and content management tools. Using Hosted SharePoint, your team simply needs a web browser and an Internet connection to access all of these business productivity tools.
  • Hosted CRM – A solid customer relationship management (CRM) system allows you to deliver on your promises, maintain connections, track bids, follow proposals, jump on new opportunities, and store critical information. All of this available from anywhere through an Internet browser.
  • Hosted Storage – Never again worry about data storage limits. Hosted storage provides you scalable storage capacity that is fast, reliable and secure.
© Copyright Kuapay LLC and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License

© Copyright Kuapay LLC and licensed for reuse
under this Creative Commons License

  • Off-Site Backups – Data loss can ruin a business. Our custom backup solutions are scheduled, managed and monitored to guarantee the integrity of your data at all times.
  • Hosted QuickBooks – Cloud computing enables more authorized users to access the necessary data from QuickBooks. Also, improve the security and reliability from your data.
  • Web Hosting Services – Our hosted packages include powerful features and tools to help you build and define your website. Stay competitive by making sure that your site is live 24/7/365.
  • Hosted Office Applications – Stay productive, virtually wherever you are, with web-based solutions from Microsoft, such as Microsoft Excel.

Let’s Get Started

IntegrIT Network Solutions is here to help you find the right cloud solutions. We will work to provide you only the necessary products so you don’t pay more than you need to.

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